Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Horse

Spring Cleaning Tips from Cowboy Magic











Spring is finally here – a very welcome change in seasons for those who’ve had a rough winter. This is the perfect time to give your stable, pasture and your horse a good spring cleaning.

What is the most important task on your spring cleaning checklist? Is it’s repairing damage in the stables? Or preparing for the return of mosquitos? Or maybe it’s cleaning out your grooming products and replenishing supply.

Set aside a few days once the ground has thawed and the weather has warmed to thoroughly clean what has been affected by the harsh winter. Make sure your horses are out of the barn before beginning your cleaning.

Spring Cleaning the Stable

Clean all stalls – remove all mats and bedding, thoroughly clean the interior and let it dry completely.

Check for doors and walls that may need repairs.

Organize grooming supplies.

Clean, inspect and repair or replace all tack.

Make sure you have working fire extinguishers easily accessible.

Address any drainage problems.

Implement fly control method of choice.

Spring Cleaning the Pasture

Check for hazards – tree roots, exposed pipes, poisonous plants and debris

Check fence for damage and repair if needed.

Address drainage problems to prevent standing water – which is a perfect mosquito breeding ground.

Apply fertilizer.

Spring Cleaning Your Horse

Make sure you are up to date with annual vaccinations, deworming schedules and other general health concerns.

Help your horse shed their winter coat with a shedding blade.

Body clip if necessary.

Call the farrier for routine hoof trimming.

Have your horse’s teeth checked.

Thoroughly bathe your horse, giving the mane and tail special attention – Detangle and condition using Cowboy Magic® Rosewater Shampoo, Rosewater Conditioner and Detangler & Shine™ to help combat any damage dry winter air has done to the mane and tail.

What is the #1 task on your Spring Cleaning Checklist?

5 Essential Horse Grooming Tools

5 Essential Horse Grooming Tools






Grooming your horse should be a very special bonding time. Your horse can feel your loving touch and the affection and the care you show during this time will deepen the connection between you both. Make sure you have the right tools for grooming so you can focus your energy on the important task at hand.

Equine magazines and tack stores are filled with plenty of new tools for grooming. Stay away from gimmicky products as they are often all flash and less function. Stick with the basics, some elbow grease and love.

5 Essential Horse Grooming Tools

Stiff Body Brush: This brush has short, coarse bristles and is designed for removing dirt and loose hair.

Soft Face Brush: A gentle brush for removing dust or stray hairs from sensitive areas.

Horse Hoof Pick: It’s crucial to keep your horse’s hooves clean – the task should be done daily. During the process of cleaning with a hoof pick you will also be able to check for any other issues – sharp stones lodged in the hoof, thrush or hoof cracks for example. There are numerous types of horse picks – including ones with LED lights to help illuminate the area, but a simple hoof pick with a brush (to help brush away debris) will get the job done.

Sweat Scraper: Used to remove excess water from your horse’s body after bathing and help your horse to dry faster.

Mane and Tail Comb: Combined with Cowboy Magic® Detangler & Shine™, a mane and tail comb will help you work out any tangles or knots from your horse’s mane and tail. Plastic combs are less likely to break the hair, than metal varieties. For more information read our article: Detangling Those Dreadlocks.

What are your favorite grooming tools?

Grooming tools2

Cowboy Magic® Customer Spotlight – Mike Napier

Cowboy Magic® Customer Spotlight











We truly love hearing from our loyal Cowboy Magic® customers, whether our products have made your horse’s mane and tail more beautiful and manageable or your own hair, hearing your stories helps to remind us why we do what we do here. One recent story from customer Mike Napier in Frankfort, KY, was especially touching and we wanted to share his Cowboy Magic® experience with you.

Hi….my name is Mike Napier and I live in Frankfort Kentucky….a smallish town about halfway between Lexington and Louisville….

The reason I am sending you this note is that I feel compelled to share our story with you…..and to thank you for a wonderful product….perhaps from a perspective that you might not have considered.

I am currently owned by four Rocky Mountain horses…..so I am somewhat familiar with many of the various grooming products that are on the market today…..

However, none of them are of the quality or have impacted the life of my family in the way the Cowboy Magic® Detangler & Shine™ has….

I have four grandchildren….ranging from age 12 down to age 4….

One of my grandchildren, a 4-year-old….who is a twin…..is autistic…..she is a bright…beautiful….sweet little girl….and she lights up the room whenever she is around….Unfortunately, due to her disability, she can also be quite a handful….or two…..

One of the areas where she struggles is with transitions…..and variances in her routine…..but there is one routine that she has never adapted to…..and that is trying to take care of her hair.

I can’t begin to tell you what an ordeal it has been just to brush her hair after a bath or in the morning before work/school.

I honestly don’t know how my daughter has done it…..Chloe (my granddaughter) has very fine hair….but lots of it….and it has consistently resembled a birds nest for much of her young life…primarily because she is hard on her hair…..and even harder to hold down in order to try and take care of it….

It literally takes a minimum of 2 people (3 is better!) just to secure her and then attempt to brush out the tangles. The resulting battle is so traumatic for Chloe….and for the rest of the family, that my daughter had just about given up and was considering just bobbing her hair off.

One evening….while working around in the barn….the idea hit me…..I knew the Cowboy Magic® Detangler & Shine™ is no doubt the best of it’s kind on the market…..it still amazes me how quickly and easily it works on my horses’ manes and tails….but then I thought….hey….what about trying this on Chloe….So I did a little research…..read a review or two…..and….

Well….the rest is history….what used to be an ordeal has now turned completely around…..I can’t begin to tell you what a tremendous blessing your product has become….Now….Jenny (my daughter) just sits down in front of the TV with Chloe in her lap…..rubs in a small portion of the Detangler…and then brushes her hair out to a beautiful, no tangle shine….

No fights….no fuss…..no wrestling match….no tears….no drama…..the difference is simply extraordinary!! I think Chloe has even begun to like that time spent with her mom…..

I know that people….being people….are always ready to complain about something….and I know that words are just words…..you’d really have to see the difference to fully appreciate it….but I felt like I just had to share this with you….and thank you for your product and your commitment to excellence.

Cowboy Magic® Detangler & Shine™ is everything you say it is…..and for us…so much more!!

And rest assured….we have shared this story with other families who have been affected by disabilities….hoping that it may help them in some way as well.

Anyway….I’ve kept you long enough….thanks so much for your time and patience….and thank you for allowing me the opportunity to express my/our gratitude and thanks!

Please let me know if I can ever be of assistance…..or if you have any questions…..

Thanks again…..

Have a good day….


Mike Napier

Senior Minister, Choateville Christian Church

Executive Director, Kentucky Church Planting Partnership (KCPP)

Mike, we just can’t thank you enough for sharing your family’s story (and the beautiful pictures of Chloe) with us and our readers. We are thrilled to hear of the impact our product had on your family’s daily routine – making your life a little easier is what we are here for.

Mike also shared a quote from his mother with us when we spoke to him and we felt it was fitting to share it. “There are 2 things you will always remember- When people are good to you when you’re down and when they are good to your kids.” Sounds like a smart woman Mike!

If you have a story you’d like to share about our product, feel free to Contact Us. To find a store that sells Cowboy Magic®, use our Store Locator.



Cowboy Magic® Horse Grooming Video: Super Bodyshine®

Cowboy Magic® 5 Minute Grooming Tip: Super Bodyshine®





Check out our You Tube page for another great Cowboy Magic® Horse Grooming video by Madeleine at Wild Heart Horsemanship – 5 minute Grooming Tip with Super Bodyshine®.

Cowboy Magic® Horse Grooming Video: Rosewater Conditioner

Cowboy Magic 5 Minute Grooming Tip






Check out our You Tube page for another great Cowboy Magic® Horse Grooming video by Madeleine at Wild Heart Horsemanship – 5 minute Grooming Tip with Rosewater Conditioner.